Your response to ‘negativity’ ?

Dear Progresser

When negative things happen, it’s often not the actual ‘negative’ that we are scared of, but often the fear of how it could make us feel; which is the issue.

We can actually lessen the pain and the impact of the devastation, if we feel that we are able to cope and have the ability, strength and resilience to bounce back!

If you feel that you are equipped and have the strength to cope and the required mental tenacity and ‘bounce-back-ability’ to come back, your anxiety, stress levels and negative emotions decrease enormously.

Conversely, if you feel that you are unable to handle or manage the situation when the negative arises, then the picture becomes far more scary!

So the important lesson here is …….

In most instances, ‘negatives’ aren’t themselves scary, but it is our thoughts, values, beliefs and ‘inward’ mechanisms that make them more frightening.

At the moment we are living in turbulent times, and if we want to overcome these challenges, become better able, equipped and prepared to confront these challenges to prepare us for what may lie ahead; it is a vital pre-requisite that we examine the source of the issue(s) which affect our ability to deal with what life may unexpectedly throw at us and focus on the factors which may affect us immeasurably.

At People-Progress, we like to provide opportunities for people to talk to someone in a comfortable ‘safe space’.

We are currently offering FREE sessions in areas such as Anxiety, Loss & Bereavement, Mental Health, Stress and so forth, that might just ‘make the difference’ and transform your life!

Exploring this further will not only enhance you, but also help others.

I’m interested to know how you currently deal with ‘negativity’ and how you ‘pick up the pieces’ afterwards?

Keep Progressing



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