Are you currently or have you previously been subjected to Domestic Violence?

Have you been subjected to Neglect, Physical, Sexual, or Psychological violence (including verbal abuse)?

Do you have children or dependents whose futures you would like to safeguard?

Are you constantly being ‘put down’ by your partner?

Are you frightened to try and ‘break free’ from the ‘cycle of abuse’?

Due to the highly sensitive nature and on occasions escalating threats to people’s lives, all discussions will be handled with sensitivity and with due regard to issues of privacy and confidentiality. We will provide you with the ‘space’ and comfort to have the ‘difficult’ conversations on an interpersonal ‘One-to-One basis’, as we want to hear from you, about you!

Let People-Progress provide the emotional and practical support that you need to consider all options in relationship difficulties (including separation and divorce), re-assert yourself, and begin to redress the balance in your life.

The importance of addressing the complex issues associated with Domestic Violence is of significant importance in the attempt to ‘live a full and satisfying life’.

In 3 sessions, you will seek solace and benefit from private counsel helping you to ‘put things into perspective’.

As a matter of urgency …..


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