Michael’s Story

Dear Progresser

Michael suffers from Dyslexia which is something that inhibited him at school.

This was something that arose at a time when little was known about it, and the structures for support were not as well publicised as they are today.

Michael was a ‘big lad’, who, as his academic attendance and performances declined, would always be prepared to ‘fight’ to assert himself as he was growing up. This helped to form and shape his identity.

Those closest to Michael, know that he is as ‘soft as a kitten’, but to the ‘outside’ world he is as ‘hard as nails’!

To cut a long story very short, Michael (like many of us), has had some ‘up’s and down’s’.

Michael has always been in employment with a famous motor company.

Whilst in employment, we would discuss advancement and progression opportunities within his organisation.

One day from nowhere, he said to me “Phil, there is money in rubbish”! I looked at him quizzingly, thinking “what do you mean?”

I was totally perplexed.

When Michael initially made the observation, I was unable to explore this further with him, as time did not allow. Therefore we arranged to meet 3 days later.

At the meeting, we would return to his ‘rubbish’ statement, which as it transpired was most significant and would later inform the basis of our interaction. It was something that we that we would often return to throughout subsequent sessions together.

As time went by, we openly discussed issues which were relevant to his development and personality and identified various ‘barriers’ which to his credit, he conceded that he needed to confront and overcome. Eventually, together; we would ‘solve’ the puzzle.

Michael is now the owner of very sizeable Skip Yard. As the manager of the company, he is responsible for impacting the lives of others; both as an employer and his role in protecting the health and safety of the public.

Michael is planning to buy a second yard, as he has amassed his wealth in recycling. Hence, ‘money being in rubbish’!

There are many themes throughout Michael’s story which I find inspirational. However, the one item that I will pick out of the story is ……..

Simple is often best.

Us as human beings sometimes have a tendency to overcomplicate things. But, the truth is often sometimes the simpler the idea, particularly if it is something which you believe in or are passionate about, the easier it is to get it to work.

This is why I simplify as much as possible in our Motivation sessions and why I love stories like Michael’s.

So here’s my question for you today…

Are you making things more complex than they need to be?

Permission was sought with Michael to allow me to discuss his past, which is something that he is now comfortable with and will now openly discuss. He has with me, which is why I am sharing it with you.

P.s…. What I did not to tell you was that Michael is not an inventor, but he is very innovative and creative. He continues to develop ‘new’ ideas which I can share with you at a later date.

Phil Robinson

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