At People-Progress we aim to exceed your expectations; as such we welcome your comments – both negative and positive.

Depending upon the nature, severity, and immediacy of the complaint, please contact us by telephone or e-mail.

You may find the framework below useful as the basis for reporting Complaints and Compliments.


To Be Completed In All Instances then either i) For Complaints &/ or ii) For Compliments

Name of Client (& Associate):


Telephone Number:

Mobile Number:


Date & Time of Complaints/ Compliments:


i) For Complaints

Describe accurately the nature of your complaint:

Has this issue been reported previously? If so, to whom?

What actions could be taken to deal effectively with your complaint?

Describe what actions you think could be taken to avoid a repeat of your complaints:


ii) For Compliments

Describe in detail the nature of your compliment(s)

How likely are you to recommend People-Progress to a family member and friends, and why?

Have you been informed about People-Progress’ exclusive Family & Friends Discount?


Thank you for taking the time to communicate and share your thoughts with us!


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