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Tips to Improve Your Mental Health and avoid ‘Burnout’

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6 Practical Tips to Improve Your Mental Health and avoid ‘Burnout’ for Parents/ Carers & Children/ Young People

  1. Establish clear routines for sleep, for school, and meal-times.


  1. Find time for Exercise.


  1. Identify time to talk with children, whether individually or as a group.


  1. Equally find time for the children/ young people to talk and communicate and interact with each other.


  1. Identify elements of ‘space’ for individuals to have their own space.


  1. Try and plan structured screen – time where devices are a key facet of the household.


Like that bad tasting medicine which we all had to take (when we were younger); any changes to existing behaviour patterns may initially be painful to administer, and may need to be introduced gradually.

If you have any questions with regard to any specific challenges that any of the above might present, get in contact and we will try to assist as soon as possible.

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