Many episodes which occur in our lives can disrupt our emotional health. These events can lead to strong feelings of anxiety, isolation, loneliness, sadness and stress.

People-Progress acknowledge that at various intervals Mental Health conditions and the associated feelings may impact individuals or groups differently.

Due to the way in which members of society are conditioned, people are often excluded from participation. This often associated ‘stigma’, can serve to marginalise individuals and groups.

Mental and physical health is inextricably linked and can significantly impact upon your quality of life. There are multiple associations between mental health and chronic physical conditions such as depression and anxiety, which can affect your daily living and ability to function effectively.

There is an increasing call upon healthcare professionals to consider psychological wellbeing when treating the physical symptoms of a condition and vice versa. As such, an increasing number of G.P’s are now recognising the benefits of the endorsements of research and positively advocating a programme of exercise.

By use of an eclectic approach, People-Progress will provide you with the guidance, support, counselling or coaching needed to spur, stimulate  and inspire you. This could involve devising a plan of an exhilarating programme of exercise which will support the notion that ‘prevention is better than cure’. Be assured that you do not have to feel negative about yourself or your situation, as you will be fully and confidently supported to meet your goals. The sessions will be devised following a careful and detailed analysis of your needs. 

In 3 sessions, we will enlighten, motivate and revive you; as you grow as a person; both physically and emotionally.

Together, we guarantee that you will amaze yourself as we identity and you reveal what you ‘can do’!…..

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Reduce your levels of fear and apprehension and increase your confidence!
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