People-Progress acknowledges that  the above ‘concepts’ and  ‘labels’ are wide-ranging and not everyone who suffers from Mental Health, Special Needs or Physical Disabilities has symptoms or associated issues which are instantly apparent or visible.

However, due to the way in which some people within society are conditioned, the afore-mentioned groups can often be excluded from participation. Due to the often associated ‘stigma’, this can serve to marginalise individuals and groups from engaging in a planned programme of exercise, effectively leading to the individual ‘giving in’!

Unfortunately, many things which happen in our lives can disrupt our emotional health. These events can lead to strong feelings of sadness, stress, or anxiety.

Mental and physical health is inextricably linked and can significantly impact upon your quality of life. Mental health plays a major role in our ability to maintain good physical health. There are multiple associations between mental health, special needs and physical disabilities and chronic physical conditions such as depression and anxiety, which can affect your daily living and ability to function effectively.

There is an increasing call upon healthcare professionals to consider psychological wellbeing when treating the physical symptoms of a condition and vice versa. As such, an increasing number of G.P’s are now recognising the benefits of the endorsements of research and positively advocating a programme of exercise.

Do not make your alleged difficulty or impediment ‘stop’ you!

Let People-Progress show you that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and that anything is possible.

To begin to amaze yourself, whilst leaving you feeling fresh and fantastic …..


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