“Bad manners….. ,poor attitude….. , bad language….., they don’t to listen to us”…..

The above are a selection of comments made by parents or carers in relation to their perceptions of children and young people who are often ‘demonised’ for being ‘difficult’, but this may not necessarily be the case!

For a number of reasons and at various periods within a children or young person’s development, they may appear to wreak havoc and appear to be totally ‘out of control’; leaving us as parents or carers at the end of our tether. Well, it’s time to challenge this type of thinking!

It is not a weakness to seek Parenting Support, but rather a strength.

Let People-Progress assist by working together to put things ‘back into perspective’ and make sure that you are ‘back in control’ of the situation and able to function effectively for the benefit of you and your loved ones.

In 3 sessions, we will help reduce the likelihood of your child(ren)/ young people ‘kicking-off’ and making them instantly unrecognisable.  

Take control of the situation and be ‘one-step’ ahead…..

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