Sometimes for a whole host of reasons, family and ‘close’ friends do not always get along with each other and may periodically ‘fall out’. Sadly, these estrangements can be for a variety of reasons and span over numerous years. They can also be pretty catastrophic and emotionally and psychologically damaging.

People-Progress will aid communication and facilitate the ‘healing process’.

If reunification is the goal; we will lead and support you by managing your unique set of circumstances. We will do this by acting in an honest, respectful, and sensitive manner to help you achieve the stated objectives.

People-Progress will also pay due regard to privacy and confidentiality as we precisely explore various scenarios.

In 3 sessions, we will examine the dynamics and ‘remove barriers’ to aid positive communication to the benefit of all parties. Together we will recreate a new future.

Life is too short, so enjoy it fully with those that you are closest to!


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