Divorce can be a very painful and devastating episode which sadly some people never recover from. Sadly, this is one of the life events that can be the most crushing to an individual’s psyche and perception of themselves. Sometimes – there can be no winners!

As well as the emotional and psychological damage inflicted upon individuals, families, and friends as a consequence of a breakdown in relationships, there can also be a huge financial cost to divorce proceedings.

Let People-Progress support you in an attempt to get things ‘back on track’ and attempt to remedy the situation.

People-Progress will provide practical support to help you overcome the shattering consequences and the fallout from the ending of the relationship. We will aim to assist you to re-establish your positivity; increasing your resilience with the aim being to help you to find the ‘best way forward’.

In 3 sessions, we will help you to ‘rebuild the foundations’ and help you to get things back on an ‘even keel’…..


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