[Open the ‘Request for Support Form’]

This form is important as it will help People-Progress to identify what type of Support that you require. It does not have to be completed immediately as this may be done by us; together over the telephone.

If, and only if you are are able to, complete as much information as possible (including more than one area of concern, if required), providing an overview of the area(s) of Support that you are requesting.

As well as through the website, the form may be returned to us at People-Progress by email or scan. For your ease and depending on your urgency, if you have a smartphone or tablet, you can also take a photograph of the completed form and return it to us by email or hand held-device. The form may even be handwritten!

You can rest assured that upon receipt of your completed Request For Support Form, you will receive an acknowledgement e-mail. People-Progress will pay due consideration to your request and contact you about an Initial Consultation.


The Initial Consultation which is FREE will take place remotely (using the telephone and modern technology) and will provide us with an opportunity to gain a accurate picture and understanding of the issue(s), so that we can meaningfully plan a way forward!

The Initial Consultation will afford the opportunity to provide a basis for ‘working together’ going forward discussing the various methods, principles and strategies which we may be adopted to address the issue(s) of concern.

If you have not already done so, don’t be nervous, frightened or apprehensive. Be bold, courageous and optimistic – get in contact as we can make the difference and ‘turn your life around’!

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change” ….. Eckhart Tolle


Due to the ever-increasing pace and varied lifestyles which people now lead, we at People-Progress embrace and utilise modern technology. People-Progress assists clients by using e-mail, technology and face-to-face support. People-Progress offers flexible access to its clients; the majority of whom are supported over the telephone and the internet via Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and Zoom. Once registered with People-Progress, you will have the opportunity to gain access to the various levels of support that are available to you.

All dialogue, discussions, interactions, meetings and details will be kept strictly confidential and in line with Data Protection Legislation. People-Progress will not share any of your personal details with anyone or anybody, without your prior consent. (See People-Progress’ privacy statement).


People-Progress offers various levels of support in relation to Health and Wellbeing Services. People-Progress acknowledges that some people will benefit from a combination of disciplines to address any issues which they may have. The levels of support are designed to take account of your request for support, your identified needs, your lifestyle and your budget.

This can be discussed in greater detail during your Initial Consultation. Ultimately it will be you, your circumstances, goals and plan of action which will determine which level of support is best suited to you.


People-Progress’ aim is to provide a consistent, responsive and highly personalised service. Depending upon the complexity of the issues and your needs, this will influence your choice of support. Some people may require a brief period of intervention, whilst others might require longer-term support. Consequently, most clients or service-users tend to book daily, weekly or twice weekly sessions as this enables them to achieve their goals or objectives more quickly.

Guidelines and good practice principles dictate that most new clients or service-users when wishing to undertake a change/ transformation initially book 6 sessions. This allows for a period of familiarisation, identification and exploration whilst also laying the foundations for positive action to be undertaken.

After the initial 6 sessions, it may be that further on-going support may be required. Ultimately, your needs and progress will dictate. This will be reviewed and discussed with you at regular intervals.


Prices are available upon completion of a [Request for Support Form]

The rate will comprise of the hourly fee. This is charged for the type of service required and the level of intervention required to address the issue(s)of concern. Each request for service/ package of support will be considered individually upon its own merits.

Depending upon your needs and the proposed level of support which is requested and you are subscribed, if in the case of Virtual Support; at various intervals, home visits may need to be undertaken.

Home visits will be given priority to people where mobility presents as an issue and there is ‘genuine’ difficulty in clients/ service-user’s  ability to leave home.

Depending upon your needs, People-Progress can offer sessions ‘Outside of Office Hours’ (typically 9.00 to 5.00) during weekdays and at weekends.


Upon registration and after undertaking your Initial Consultation with People-Progress, you will be able to pay for sessions securely online at anytime!

People-Progress offers a variety of payment options to suit your particular needs.

In addition to cash payments, payments can be made securely via our PayPal account. We also accept BACS, online and telephone banking transfers.

For simplicity, most clients ‘click on the buttons’ and make payments online. For further details [CONTACT PEOPLE-PROGRESS NOW]


All bookings will be agreed and confirmed in writing prior to the undertaking of any support package.


All of People-Progress’ Associates are qualified and have spent the majority of their careers working closely with people within both the health and wellbeing industry and within the public sector, assisting and supporting individuals and groups to develop whilst also improving people’s lives. Importantly, all of People-Progress’ Associates have ‘life experience’ and importantly will draw upon these experiences to assist you ‘on your journey’.

You can be assured that People-Progress is committed to providing you with the best possible level of support and will endeavour to do the best that we can to assist you in meeting your goals. We also welcome feedback from yourselves. [CONTACT PEOPLE-PROGRESS NOW]





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