Upon contacting us and undertaking a FREE Initial Conversation which will take place by telephone, in person, or via technological platforms, this will provide us with the opportunity to hear from you and gain an accurate picture of your needs.

If you have not already done so, don’t waste time; book your Initial Conversation NOW!

You really don’t have anything to lose.

Where ‘In Person’ sessions /home visits may need to be undertaken. All of these sessions will follow strict COVID Compliant Practices. See People-Progress’ Covid-19 policy.

People-Progress assists clients by using a combination of telephone, e-mail, and face-to-face support including ‘Live’ and Remote Support at various intervals.


Once registered with People-Progress, you can conveniently book Sessions online to fit in with your hectic lifestyle, by simply ‘clicking the buttons’.

For some people, the form (below) may be useful in better helping us to identify what type of support is needed. It does not need to be completed immediately, (if, at all) as this may be done at a later date by both of us; together.

[Open the ‘Request for Support Form’]

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change” ….. Eckhart Tolle


Rates are available upon request and depend upon the type of Support required to help you to reach your goals. In addition to operating various FREE Clinics and Sessions. We also have Special Offers at various intervals. Please ask for further details.

Home visits will be given priority to people where mobility presents as an issue and there is ‘genuine’ difficulty in clients/ service-user’s ability to leave home.

All bookings will be agreed upon and confirmed in writing prior to the undertaking of any support packages.


You can be assured that People-Progress is fully committed to providing you with the best possible level of Support and will work relentlessly to do the best that we can to assist you to meet your goals!

We actively encourage and welcome regular feedback at periods of review in the form of  Complaints and Compliments.

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