As a parent or carer it is not unusual to be confronted by behavioural challenges;

  • with siblings,

  • between siblings,

  • tensions arising from communication difficulties with your relationship with children/young people,

  • issues associated with time management,

  • children/young people’s inappropriate use of leisure time (including undesirable group membership), and

  • verbally and/ or physically aggressive; violent behaviour.  

Behaviours left unchecked may have far-reaching implications later on in life for the development of the child/ young person and their understanding of the world. Additionally, this may also have ramifications for trying to reverse some behaviours which may become more entrenched and develop further into offending behaviour, for example.

Don’t just turn a blind eye, ‘leave it to luck’ and hope that things will change by themselves.

Be proactive in seeking the help of People-Progress to explore workable strategies that will assist you in forming purposive and sustainable interactions with your loved ones, and building satisfying healthy, life-long relationships!

In 3 sessions, we will help you to find the answers to your children’s/ young person’s behaviours which are ‘not in the book’! 


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