100% Effort

Justin’ Spirations

Hi Progresser

Please allow me to introduce Justin.

Justin works for the NHS and may be seen training in the evening after work recently.

Take a minute or two to look at the photo. What thoughts does the image conjure in your mind?

Please hold your thoughts.

100 % Effort

Having now taken a few moments to compose and order your thoughts.

What did we think of Justin training in the evening, whilst outside in the snow?

Why would someone do such a thing one might ask?

(Don’t ask me, I’m still scratching my head – I jest!)

Well let me start by telling you a little bit about Justin, he started attending the gym when he was 16, with a large group of school friends. Some of his friends would sporadically attend, and some would do as we all do at times – ‘start and stop’, and then gradually grind to a halt ……, and then totally stop!

Justin however was different …… He would continue.

Over the years, Justin continued to attend with a smaller friendship group. Again, some members of the group would stop, whilst some would continue to train. As time progressed, Justin developed an interest in alternative training forms.

As a consequence of Justin’s interest and his continued development, he told a funny story about how after watching the World Strongman competition in 2016, he would ask the receptionist at the gym about obtaining some information to go and watch a Strongman competition abroad. Justin informed that after receiving the details it was clear that the receptionist had misheard his request. As a consequence, the receptionist had inadvertently provided him with the details of a local competition for him to actually compete in!

From that day, Justin’s interest was piqued as he excitedly realised that instead of ‘watching, he could be doing’! As a consequence, he would regularly attend the gym, spending many hours at three different gyms; two twenty-four-hour gyms, and one for ‘advanced’ trainers.

Justin has competed at two local Strongman Competitions when the first lockdown ended, and he is hoping to compete at other events later this year.

Upon analysis, as human beings, we marvel and admire people like Justin for his commitment as it says a lot about someone’s character, about their propensity to ‘go above and beyond’ and engulf themselves in their chosen hobby or interest.

During these Covid times, it also demonstrates Justin’s resilience and bounce-back ability, particularly in this instance as the gyms remain closed.

Doing something now
Live in ‘The Now’

Justin is a fine example of someone who has continued to demonstrate a high level of commitment, determination, effort, and passion to rise to the challenge and reach the level at which he has attained.

Justin is also a great example of someone not stopping, enduring, start-finishing, ‘rising to the challenge’, and meeting his target and achieving his goals.

Justin also affirms the adage that ‘our choices, today influence our tomorrows’ as when he competes, he is fortunate to meet and make new friends, as he enjoys the comradery, enjoys competition, whilst as he also finds the time to work on a full-time basis for the NHS.

Comittment, Determination and Inspiration
Relaxing after a hard day at work

Justin, despite the difficulties which Covid presents, reports to “enjoying life” at the moment.

The important lesson about Justin was that he was prepared to make a start.

In life, we are all at different stages of our journey.

Today, I commend and congratulate you, firstly for being here and being alive, and secondly, for embracing the fact that you have the opportunity to change the course of your journey!

What are you thinking of making a start with today?

What are you hoping to achieve?

What are you striving to become?

Don’t be frightened of what might go wrong, think positively about what will go right!

But most importantly, don’t leave it too long…….

What we do today…. shapes our tomorrows.

Let’s talk about it.

Will speak to you shortly.


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