Exercise & Fitness

Capitals are used for emphasis.

Your Health and Wellbeing is of paramount concern to People-Progress and as such it is important that we work together safely to ensure that you meet the aims of your sessions.

If You wish to take part in People-Progress’ Exercise and Fitness sessions – (whether live or pre-recorded instructional video) – You must adhere to the following terms:

1. You and ‘risk’

You understand that taking part in the session(s), You do so at Your own risk.

I/We do not accept any responsibility for any individual nor group of individuals, who may be participating in the session.

2. Your health

To take part in the session, You must be in good physical health. If You have been told on health or medical grounds that you should not take part in physical activity and sport, then you won’t be able to join in with this exercise and fitness session.

3. Updates and Notifications

After commencement, You undertake to inform People-Progress, should Your health circumstances alter in any way, immediately as this arises.

However ‘minor’ You will also inform of any injuries which are being carried prior to the start of each session.

4. Your safety

To perform this activity in a safe way, You must make sure that the area that You use is suitable.

The area must be:

  • a flat surface
  • clear of any obstacles
  • spacious enough for the type of activity

5. Fees

Where sessions are charged, fees for self-funding clients are revised on an Annual basis in February of each year.

Special Offers are reviewed on a 3/6 monthly basis. If there is a fee applied/proposed change in pricing to Special Offers, You will be provided with written notice of any changes to the fee.

By taking part in the session(s) – You agree to the above terms and conditions.

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