Hi I’m Phil Robinson

As a qualified Social Worker, I have studied both a BA(Hons) and MSc, and held Management, Senior and Supervisory Positions within Social Work. In addition to the aforementioned, I am also an accredited Social Work Practice Teacher and have completed training courses in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mindfulness and Life Coaching.

As well as assessing Health and Social Care students at City College, where I completed a D32/33 Assessors Award,  I have also taught Communications at Birmingham Metropolitan College (Sutton Coldfield), as well as delivering training to prospective foster carers who would be tasked with looking after children and young people who displayed complex and challenging behaviours. I have also supervised and supported Carers to manage children suffering from Mental Health issues, and behaviours including Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD and Dispraxia 

Having worked with children and young people exhibiting difficult behavioural challenges within the residential estate; including units within Birmingham (including the secure estate) and Bromsgrove areas; the complexities and diverse dilemmas were emphasised. Work has also been undertaken with children and families on a statutory basis, whilst investigating various degrees of abuse.

I  also have experience of Helping Electronic Learners Learn Online via Learn Direct.

I have also undertaken extensive work with both young and adult offenders; in both Youth Offending and Probation Services respectively. 

I have also independently led Inspections within Children’s Services; in both Staffordshire and Shrewsbury.

Having completed training as a Qualified Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer, I have also worked with the leading Health and Fitness chain within the industry; serving both children and adults along the way!

In sum, (with my associates), we have worked with and impacted upon hundreds of children and families; utilising a measurable ‘solutions-based’ framework.

More About Me….

Having looked at the professional bit!

On a personal note, I went to school, enjoyed various sporting successes and achievements and trained with the two biggest professional Football Clubs in the Midlands, before I went to College and ‘lived life’ and all that it entailed at that time! This included withstanding and resisting intense Peer pressure, whilst also being an ‘individual’, displaying the strength, resilience and where-with-all to accept positive guidance.

Fortunately I was able have sought and received some help from some very positive role models.

I was also ably supported by some caring family members. This is not to say that the period spent living at home was always easy as at various intervals, the family encountered various problems and crisis which we had to endure. This included with siblings, and between family members.

At various intervals this would involve the loss not only of family members (brother(s) and grandmother!), but also the loss of close and valuable friends.

I have been fortunate enough to have undertaken a placement at the Evening Mail and as such have gained an insight into the workings of the media. That, with social technological advances has provided my with a good overview of the influences of the media.

Voluntary experiences working with and associating with elders has provided a good grounding for as a framework for adulthood and parenting.

My life continues to evolve and I am very fortunate to be at a point where at various intervals; I have reconciled work and home life, work and academia, work and family life; as both a partner and a father, separation and divorce and work and a professional life!

My aim now is to offer myself as both a leader and an inspiration to others; as I will stress the importance of having and devising a plan to ‘get through’; which involves focus and discipline; to reach where you want to!

I know what is needed and know that you can achieve!

Upon ‘getting to know you’, I will share my personal work and professional testimonies and most importantly my life experiences with you.

Let me improve you; if you don’t feel and see the improvements, let me know and we’ll do something about it!

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