Following the onset of various medical conditions and the associated symptoms, let People-Progress support you with your trauma and recovery.

People-Progress’ exercise referral programmes are primarily concerned with the realisation of two objectives. The first, the prevention and management of chronic health conditions (CHD’s) for inactive or ineffectively active individuals with medical conditions. The second, is concerned with the support of individuals with 2 or more CHD risk factors, mild to moderate mental health conditions, who need structured and supported exercise.

People-Progress has a role to play in Disease Risk Reduction and Condition Management as physical activity and exercise has the potential to:

  • lower mortality rates

  • decrease risk of CHD

  • decrease risk of strokes

  • delay the development of high blood pressure

  • decrease the risk of colon cancer

  • reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes

  • normalise the functioning of joints and muscles and reduce the risk of injury

  • increase bone density

  • reduce the risk of falls

  • reduce the levels of obesity

  • reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety

  • increase health-related quality of life and wellbeing

People-Progress can take the stress and anxiety out of your health concern(s) in 3 sessions. We can aid your recovery and essentially help you to ‘live for longer’!

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