For whatever reason you have decided not to undertake any physical exercise ….. NOW is the time to embark on that journey of exercise!

People-Progress has undertaken numerous consultation sessions and has a broad understanding of the various reasons why women want to undertake an exciting and dynamic bespoke training programme.

People-Progress will dispel any fears or apprehension that you may have and remove any ‘barriers’ which has been wrongly ‘put up’ as legitimate reasons as to why women do not train!

People-Progress has experience of running individual and group sessions at the Premier Health and Fitness chain within the U.K.

People-Progress will ensure that you are fully supported, will progress at your own pace and guarantees that you will have fun, whilst feeling and seeing the beneficial gains.

These sessions can be conducted either individually or on a small group basis.

Don’t waste time, let’s get busy and make a start …..


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